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Start To Finish - Firearms Carving Class

In this 5 day advanced carving class you will be taught methods which, with practice, will enhance your basic and advanced carving skills. On a firearm, carving will be done with a high speed rotary handpiece and a power chisel. You will learn:

Techniques to carve a complete scene on firearm

Correct bur selection

Pattern design and layout

Techniques for deep background removal

Texturing background

Depth Control

After class is over and you've practice what you've learned for a while, call me. I'll set up a time to spend two more hours with you on skype to critique your new skills and work. This will advance your carving skills futher and aid your carving creativity.

May 9 - 13, 2016
Oct 10-15, 2016

Call for class availability and price. 937-787-4836

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