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Explanation of classes:
Three day basic wood carving class uses the high speed rotary handpiece to carve on flat and curved services, such as turned bowls, plaques, gun stocks, duck calls and boxes. Bill teaches carving of fish scale, basket weave, animals, scroll and leaves. Design patterns, even if you’re not an artist.

*Cost:  $600

Add two days to this class for lessons in carving with the power impact chisel. This tool makes a faster, smoother cut. Bill outlines most of his work with the power chisel. **Cost: $300
All tools for use in the class are furnished.
No more than 4 students
in my Middletown Ohio, class
$200 deposit is required. 
Contact Bill Janney, 937-787-4836 or billjanney@billjanney.com
Following classes are in Middletown, Ohio
*First 3 days, High Speed Rotary Handpiece, $600  **Last 2 Days, Impact Chisel, $300

2014 Class Schedule

May 19, 20, 21

June 9, 10, 11

September 15,16,17

October 6, 7, 8


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