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Ultra850 with variable foot control

wood carving

High Speed Rotary Handpiece

This rotary handpiece turns between 300,000 and 400,00 RPM for effortless engraving, decorating and grinding of wood, metal, shell, plastic, glass, stone... almost any material. The rifle stock at right shows what you can do in wood, for example.
The Ultra 850 is best on the market in several ways. It is remarkably free from vibration and noise. No lubrication is required. . . there’s no oil to contaminate your work or the air you breathe. The contoured shape is comfortable and graceful. And, it has considerably more power and torque than other rotary handpieces.
Due to its extremely high speed, the Ultra 850 accepts only 1/16” diameter (.062” or 1,6mm) bur shanks. Burs are available in dozens of different styles and materials.

Price: $775.00

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