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You’ll learn how to finish a gun stock right along with Bill. Step by step you will learn valuable tips and tricks that Bill has  learned over the years. These tips and tricks will save time and money while you learn how to finish like a PRO.

You can view it on your DVD player at your own leisure. After the training video you can apply this method to any wood surface you would like to finish saving hundreds even thousands of dollars by doing it yourself!

wood finsihing sanding

wood finshing

wood finishing craft

See how easy it is to finish a gun stock or any wood project in this simple step by step 67 minute video by Master Carver Bill Janney.

Learn to:

Purchase materials


How to apply a finish

What to use to achieve a high
gloss or satin finish

Finishing touches

and more

wood finshing supplies

To order Gun Stock Finishing ( Wood Finishing) Instructional Video securely online and have it delivered to your door - click on the buy now button below.

wood finishing

DVD Video $24.95 + $5.00 shipping & handling

Learn at your own pace in the confort of your own home 

Would you like to purchase two or three different videos? Try Bill's combination sets and save money - see below.

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Carving Scroll, Fishscale, Basket Weave,
& Wood Finishing  $110.00
Carving Fishscale and
Basket Weave Patterns $49.00
Carving Fishscale/
Scroll Pattern $59.95
Carving Fishscale Pattern /
Wood Finishing $49.00
Carving Basket Weave/
Carving Scroll Pattern $59.95
Carving Basket Weave/
Wood Finishing DVD $49.00
Wood Finishing/
Carving Scroll DVD $59.95
Carving Gun Stock the book/
Carving Fishscale DVD $44.00
Carving Gun Stock the book/
Carving Scroll DVD $58.00
Carving Gun Stock the book/
Carving Basket Weave DVD $44.00
Carving Gun Stock the book/
Wood Finishing DVD $44.00
Basket Weave, Fishscale,
Wood Finishing DVD $78.00
All four instructional DVD &
Gun Stock Carving book $125.00


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